Finding an apartment in Tokyo Pt.2



I am excited to share an update on my apartment-hunting journey in Tokyo. After an extensive search, I have finally found a new place to call home. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I was moving out of my apartment in Yoyogi Uehara to explore more of this captivating city. I was searching for an apartment in an area that would allow me to easily access nature, just like my previous home.

However, finding an apartment in Tokyo can be a daunting task. I began by searching the city's urban parks, such as Tamagawa Park and Hanegi Park, hoping to find a place that met my criteria for rent, distance from work and proximity to nature. Unfortunately, the search proved to be more challenging than I anticipated, and I visited nearly ten units before finally finding the one that I am currently living in.

This time, I decided to move away from the Odakyu Line to the area along the Marunouchi metro line. The area is relatively calm and has a unique charm that I find appealing, especially since it's located close to one of the best parks in Tokyo, Wadabori Park. I am thrilled to explore the new neighborhood and discover all the local gems it has to offer.

Recommendations from agents can be helpful and easy for many people, but I find that it doesn't work for me most of the time. Therefore, I would like to share my apartment-hunting journey to help people who feel the same as I do. Here are the steps that I followed:

1. Know your priorities, such as convenience, environment, etc., and research areas that might fit on Google Maps.
2. Check if the distance to your workplace (if you have to go to the office often) is acceptable.
3. Go online and search for available apartments in that area and set filters such as rent, size, and distance to the train station.
4. Inquire and pay a visit once a few good potential apartments are listed.
5. Walk around the neighborhood after visiting the apartment to see if you can envision yourself living there.
6. Don't wait and make a decision ASAP if it clicks.

Searching for the right place to call home can be challenging, but I hope my experience can serve as a helpful reference for anyone embarking on their own apartment-hunting journey in Tokyo.

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